ABM Values and Terms

ABM is a forum where people meet one-on-one to do business after pre-scheduling appointments with each other.

For this to be successful, every ABM Delegate must agree to be actively engaged in the business matching process before and during the event. Every missed and pending appointment or late cancellation reduces the potential for success not only for you but more importantly for the person interested in meeting with you. 

The information you will find below is a summary of ABM values and the terms each ABM Delegate must agree to before submitting an application.

We kept this as short as possible. The information that follows is knowledge you need. Thank you!


ABM is based on the belief that building effective business relationships between Aboriginal communities and the private sector is imperative to the future of Canada’s economy, and to society as a whole.

ABM also believes that Aboriginal entrepreneurs are a vital catalyst for change. Entrepreneurs improve the standard of living through the creation of local jobs, wealth and economic activity independent from politics. Entrepreneurs enhance conditions in which communities can prosper.

Our primary goal is therefore to benefit Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities in the pursuit of their business goals.

ABM is Aboriginal-driven and aims to attract companies that are in tune with the vast opportunities and unique characteristics of Aboriginal economic and business development - and those companies that want to learn.

It is understood and respected that companies will attend with the goal to sell goods and services to Aboriginal communities. However, preference is given to those companies that provide business opportunities extending beyond a “simple” customer/supplier relationship, including training, employment, and partnerships.

The group of ABM Partners selects exhibitors and not all applicants will be successful. We reserve the right to approve or decline applications at the sole discretion of the group, and are not obliged to provide a rationale to organizations that are not approved.


The preparation phase for ABM requires your active involvement starting with the completion of your online profile to the review of your potential business matches and the requesting, approving and declining of appointments. It is each ABM Delegate’s responsibility to create his/her own customized tradeshow schedule. Our system is set up to make things as efficient as possible and it will notify you if you have messages or pending appointment requests. You are expected to respond expeditiously to allow all ABM Delegates to set up their business appointments without delay.

ABM Delegates overwhelmingly agree that time invested is worthwhile. Return on investment is high.


We know you are busy. The more active the ABM delegates are, the less you are going to hear from us. If appointment selection is slow, we will send you a reminder. If things are hopping, we will leave you alone.

Our ABM Delegates Updates provide useful information assisting you in maximizing results. Consider a quick review to make sure you are not missing anything before deleting.


Unlike other conferences, at ABM it truly matters if you are present.

Your appointments, and those of the people you are scheduled to meet with, represent a potential business opportunity. Every no-show or cancellation results in a missed opportunity. ABM Delegates commit to doing their utmost best to select appointments carefully and attend each one, and to designating a substitute should they be prevented from attending. If cancellations cannot be avoided, ABM Delegates commit to providing as much notice as possible, allowing their meeting partner to refill the cancelled appointment. ABM Delegates are expected to take initiative by using the ABM system to cancel or reschedule.

Not attending all pre-scheduled appointments may affect approval for future ABM events.


Exhibitor registration fees are based on company size, measured in number of employees, in order to keep fees for small businesses, that are not linked to a large corporation, as low as possible and to provide the second delegate registration for Aboriginal communities for free. We consider the purchasing power of your entire organization, not only the budget of the smaller subsidiary or branch office you may represent.

This rate structure was designed to encourage participation by communities that deal with limited financial resources and by Aboriginal entrepreneurs who are in the process of building their business.

For a list of registration fees please click here.


Once you have been accepted, your invoice is posted in PDF format on your ABM profile home page, is accessible by login with your email and password and payable online by credit card. It shows the rate applicable at the time of registration. Rates for unpaid accounts increase as registration fees increase. You can find the dates here under Key Dates & Payment Deadlines.  If your invoice remains unpaid when a fee increase is due, your invoice goes up by $400.

Only one single payment will be accepted per organization.

You must log in to your profile to make a credit card payment to start business matching.

Only one single payment will be accepted per organization.

In rare cases, we allow cheque payments. If you would like to make billing arrangements, you must do so with the Raven Events Administrator at info@ravenevents.ca. Delegates are expected to pay by the posted payment deadlines to avoid a late payment fee of $250. Delegates approved after the payment deadline must pay by credit card.

Cancellations received before the posted payment deadlines will be refunded 50%. Cancellations received after will not receive ANY refund under ANY circumstance. Delegate substitutions are accepted at any time before and during the event.


Aboriginal communities can apply for a second and third appointment schedule. This is not possible for exhibitors. Everyone can register up to three additional delegates per online profile.

Delegate additions and substitutions after approval of your application can be emailed to info@ravenevents.ca


Events During ABM: Under no circumstances are ABM Delegates permitted to host their own event during the duration of ABM. Any ABM Delegates not following this guideline will be removed from the trade show immediately and excluded from attending any ABM in the future.

Products and Services Not Approved by ABM: ABM Delegates are only permitted to represent products and services detailed in the approved ABM application. ABM Delegates cannot represent or distribute collateral or other information pertaining to another business or product.

AV: Visual presentation equipment is permitted on the trade show floor without audio.

Spouses and other Guests: The registration fees include all ABM functions and meals for registered delegates only. Guests, spouses, partners, etc. may not participate unless they are registered delegates.

Lost or Stolen Items: ABM, its contractors, and the event facility will not be held responsible for items lost or stolen at any time during ABM. Delegates are responsible for their own personal belongings.


As part of this event, you use the B2B Matchmaking Service of ConVerve GmbH. B2B Matchmaking technology supports ABM to help you find customers, suppliers and partners.

In order to use this service, it is necessary that you publish personal and company related information. This data will be stored in the matchmaking system of ConVerve GmbH by order of ABM. Parts of your data will be published on the internet. Your account can be deleted at any time.


If you do not have all the information required for your profile at your fingertips, enter “tba” to make your way to the submit button. This way you are in the system and we can effectively assist. Your email and password allow you access to your profile any time to make edits.


As a participant in the Aboriginal Business Match, you will personally and on behalf of your organization acknowledge that you agree with the above. You will also agree that your discussions at ABM are informal and of information-sharing purpose and object. You acknowledge that this business match in no manner fulfills any duty to consult, delegated or otherwise.

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